Welcome To Easiwash!

We’ve launched a new website here at Easiwash that is easier to navigate and more important is “mobile” friendly!  Take some time to browse the site and you’ll specific information regarding various different markets the Easiwash Cleaning System is suited for.  We’ve also added a technical section where you can find information on preplumb specs, Stainless Steel Enclosures, and accessories.  The parts section shows various parts and accessories and makes it easy to identify the correct part and more important, the correct name!

This blog will be used to update you on new ideas and uses for the Easiwash System, new accessories, and troubleshooting tips.

Our first tip pertains to using the Easiwash System during these dog days of summer.  While pressure washing your lot, the system pulls fresh cool water into the pump and out to the gun assembly.  When you let off on the trigger of the gun, the system goes into by-pass mode which means the same water is recycled through the pump by the unloader.  This water gets hotter the longer it stays in by-pass and once it hits about 150 deg, the temperature switch opens and the unit shuts off.  This is indicated by the red light on the front of the electrical panel on the machine itself.  To help reduce this situation, shut off the pump switch outside any time you are not going to pressure wash for a substantial amount of time.  Sometimes it could get to hot in less than 10 minutes!  So if you are going to move a dumpster, switch the hose to the other side, or take a break, simply shut the pump switch off.

If the temp switch does open and shut the machine off, it will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the ambient temperature around the unit.

Welcome To Easiwash!

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